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Grades Ages 6-14 At Quest Fitness THIS IS A CONTRACTUAL PROGRAM


Please make sure to double check your receipt when registering your child for swim to ensure that you have chosen the correct level, time and session.

Class Description
Beginner A:
This is the beginner level class for students ages 6-14. This class is geared towards inexperienced swimmers who might not yet be able to swim independently on their front or back. Students are not yet required to put their face in the water at this level. In this class students will be working towards independence in the water and will be introduced to basic strokes such as freestyle and backstroke. Students will also begin using swim tools such as kick boards, barbells, and should come prepared with goggles to every class.
Max: 6

Beginner B:
This class is for students who have mastered the basic techniques of freestyle and backstroke, and are ready for more specific, technical instruction. We will focus on more advanced concepts such as rotary breathing and will use tools such as the kickboards and barbells often during this class. Students will also begin learning breaststroke and elementary backstroke by the end of the session. In this class, students are expected to be able to swim the width of the pool (about 10 yards) independently upon entrance of this class.
Max: 6

This class will push student’s endurance level that much further as they master freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke to an extent that will allow them to swim laps at a time. Students will work towards perfecting their streamline starts, and will begin learning sidestroke as well. This class will continue to focus on the technical aspects of all of these things.
Max: 8 (Tuesday) Max: 8 (Thursday)

This class will focus on the refinement of all strokes. Students will learn front flip turn and backstroke turn, as well as the butterfly stroke. Students are expected to demonstrate strokes such as freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke via multiple laps at a time in the pool. This class will work students towards swimming with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances.
Max: 8 (Tuesday) Max: 8 (Thursday)

Class Description
  • The student instructor ratio for all swim classes (except waterbabies) is 6 participants to 1 instructor
  • Registration will close at 2:00pm on the Monday before the Tuesday session begins.
  • Registration will close at 2:00pm on the Wednesday before the Thursday session begins.

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