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If your child misbehaves or does not adhere to the department’s rules and regulations and/or is not listening to our instructors while participating in any of our programs a written warning will be issued. Written warnings must be signed by the participant's parent or guardian. Written warnings are kept on file at the office and are cumulative. A copy of this written warning will be forwarded to the Director for review and possible disciplinary action which includes any or all of the following: Conditional Participation; Suspension Single/All Program(s), Expulsion; Single/All Programs(s), and/or Restitution. Any disciplinary action will be imposed without program fee refunds.

In the event that your child is in Summer Day Camp, Teen Extreme Camp, After School Adventures, Healthy Kids Before School and after school program and Beyond Tots Adventure Club, the following discipline warning procdure will be in place:

If your child continues to have behavior problems, the Kennebunk Recreation Department rules state that if you receive three Time Out Slips during our program, your child will be excused from the program until a meeting is set up with the participant’s parent(s)/guardian(s) and department Director or full time staff in the event the Director is not available, to discuss the disciplinary action which could include days off, weeks off or expulsion from the program.  Please be advised that the department retain the right to remove a participant from a program at any time during the course of the program if the department feels that the child’s actions are a threat to the well being and safety of the other children and/or staff.


Please be advised that no participant will be allowed to participant in the program they received the time outs in after receiving 5 times outs.


Number of Time Out Slips received to date:        #1          #2          #3        #4       #5   


Action Taken:  Time Out Slip only___ Excused from 1 day___ 2 days____3 days ___ Removed from program___